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In the news...

Annual Charity Golf Classic

We are preparing for our 9th annual golf tournament that will be held August 6th at Boone Golf Club here in Boone, NC. Be sure to check out our Events Page for full details and to register your foursome. Come, enjoy the fellowship, and be a part of this wonderful fund-raiser for the ministry.

Spring Reunion Photos Posted

What a great time we all had during our Annual Spring Reunion! Check out the photos here...

Reunion Photos

At Grace Home

Women are set free and Jesus is exalted! What could possibly be better news than that!

Do You Have Some News To Share?

Give us a call here at the ministry, or call Kent at (828) 408-5368, and we will see that it gets posted right away. Thanks for all your help and support!

Current Projects

The Nash Metropolitan

Click and drag to view before and after photos.

Some time ago, Hebron received a donation of an old Nash Metropolitan that we could use as a restoration project to raise additional funds for the ministry. Bob Forbes, our Operations Director, has extensive experience in vehicle restoration and has been in charge of the project from the onset.


You check out our progress by viewing the before and after photo here and clicking on the link below for the full photo gallery.


We recently received a generous donation that permitted Bob to make significant headway on the restoration, but we are still about $2000 shy of completion. Please prayerfully consider helping us to complete this project for the benefit of the ministry.

Bob Forbes

Operations Director

and Project Manager

You can donate for this project by clicking the button above. You may also contact Bob Forbes directly through the Hebron office at 828-963-4842.

Recent Projects

Basement/Deck Renovation

Click and drag to view before and after photos.

For several years Hebron was in dire need of new freezer/cooler units. Our existing walk-in freezer and cooler units had quit functioning and were beyond repair. So much so that we had to resort to using donated chest freezers to store food. While these units were much appreciated and certainly saw us through the difficult times, they were never meant to be a long-term solution,


The problem was compounded by the fact that all of this was contained in a basement area that was slowly crumbling away, and upon which sat tens of thousands of pounds of concrete and stone that is our upper deck area.


After many years of prayer and fund-raising, we were finally able to secure a grant to finance the project. Work began last summer and was  completed in the fall.


The before and after photo shown here is just a tiny portion of the upper deck area. To get a full grasp of the scope of the project and the process involved, check out the full photo gallery.


We praise God for His provision and protection throughout the renovation and we thank all of the many, many people that were involved in seeing this project to its completion.

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